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Ruben Bass
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My name is Ruben Bass, and I am an interdisciplinary artist from Cologne, currently based in Berlin. I am working with audiovisual performances, light, sound, and installations. 

My primary artistic pillars are in the field of nature, senses, and science. I investigate these contexts in an audiovisual way, and I aim to translate one sense into another: for example sight to hearing or hearing to touch.

My main research topic is "waves". I have realized that waves are everywhere and that they can be the connecting factor in all of my artistic pillars. They are in your bedroom, your city, your country, your planet and outside of your planet - in space. We are not able to perceive most of the things that happen around us, as they are invisible to our eyes.

One of my questions is: "what image can sound exciting and what sound can look appealing? "or "what is the sound of an image "and vice versa.

I love to experiment and investigate natural phenomena in daily life (which I draw my main inspiration form). I believe that Art lies in the eye of the beholder - by looking closely at our surroundings we will find beauty almost everywhere.

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