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after Nun

Reflection on the prominent state of languishment 

The audiovisual piece "after Nun" ("nun"; a german word for "now") is a translation of the overwhelming amount of possible futures leading towards languishment, which resonates in me when I wonder about what could be.

It was displayed after the 31 version of the art colony of Galichnik in Mala Stanica - National Gallery of Macedonia in Skopje during November 2021.


In current times we are constantly exposed to the movement of ideas and happenings through digital media, which in this way, we perceive indirectly as voyeurs. Things seem to change in the world, but this dynamic sense of flow is often lacking in the personal day-to-day lives of people.

It seems as we have gotten used to these forms of digital movement, and it has become more challenging to distinguish between them and experiences of flow.


The Psychologist Adam Grant elaborated the feeling of "Muddling through your days, looking at your life through a foggy windshield" as languishing, which he describes as a prominent state of mind during the pandemic. He argues that the counteractive state of this is flow, "being in the zone, where time, place and self melts away."

For me, the most crucial time is now, as the future is always created in these moments. I partially agree with Adam Grant that to produce aspired futures, it is crucial to get into a flowing state as soon as possible.

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