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Blind in Vision Blind in Perception 
Collaborative audiovisual piece

A collaborative piece about presence/absence  with Borce Bogoevski

The piece is the final result of the collaboration with Borce Bogoevski during the 31 version of the art colony of Galichnik in the mountains of Maccedonia and was displayed in Mala Stanica - National Gallery of Macedonia in Skopje during November 2021.

"A window opened 

into minor details

of others perceptions


where where we

was I there

or are we somewhere

steering towards what


related through

streams we have created

to see each other." 

Ruben Bass

One blinded himself. The other was not able to perceive Macedonia at all.


How can we create a meaningful connection without ever having the chance to experience it? The circle is one of the oldest symbols of connection, a connection that could only be established and ignited from Borce, as he could witness the nature.

For Ruben, the only window into Macedonia was Borce, with the sense of being a mere digital tourist. The process this induced led towards the abstraction of the abstraction which Borce created before. Can symbols be enough - are we really connected?

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