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Crossing Säule Sushi Train

Audiovisual Scanning and Mapping


Csst like the exclamation of cssst, similar to pssst is a piece combining 3 videos from Tokyo and one from Berlin into a layered composition which is column scanned at specified points.


The column scan of visual movement is converted to MIDI notes, so in a way the movement of these 4 separate scenes becomes the score and performers of 4 different instruments at the same time.

When working with movement data it becomes obvious how the shaking of the camera introduces more impact than anything moving in the scene.

Even recorded movement is so complex that although reduced to a line of pickup and straight forward translation methods used, the outcome is very intense.


This very experience is interesting because it gives a bit of insight in how well we handle implication processes of movement in daily life.

The massive amount of notes played at once gives a grasp on how rich in information even a single pixel line of recorded movement is and that the full moving image of a video entails so many different movements that if you would convert them all, you would be left with noise.

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