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Inspired by


Interdisciplinary Performance

A performance as a reaction to the Basquiat exhibition at Schunk in Heerlen

"Inspiredby" is an interdisciplinary project in which young makers within the performing arts react to each other and the arrival of Basquiat in Heerlen. Inspired by the exhibition "Basquiat, The Artist and His New York Scene" in SCHUNCK, initiator and musician Brendan Gijzen went i.s.m. Subp Yao and Gino Bombrini set to work in the studio to create a musical response to a number of works by the grandmaster. The music pieces that came together in an EP where then passed on to choreographer Mami Izumi, HFC Dancestudio and visual artist Ruben Bass. 

Together they worked under the leadership of Nina Willems in a creation process which lead to this 'Inspired by' event that was presented on Wednesday 26 June in the venue of NEW NOR pop venue. This project is a co-production with VIA ZUID Talentontwikkeling in the performing arts, Limburg and is made possible in part by Art Buro Limburg, Brand Cultuurfonds Limburg, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Limburg. "Inspired by" premiere took place in the NIEWE NOR music venue.

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