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What has been said about MU

so far.




"I have moved away from Berlin years ago. While watching I  recognized some of the areas I used to hang out at. Many things seemed to have changed - it was a weird (but beautiful) feeling to come back there in these times."




"At the beginning I was exited. Then, I got uncomfortable, and a bit dizzy. Watching the train ride made me feel like that. After a while I felt a massive relief and a bit of joy."




"Its awesome. The direction of the train that always seems to shift is so subtle that I keep looking at it. Around 20min there are these lower tones coming and I really feel those. I think its a wonderful crazy world you gave access to."




"Cool! I started wondering what kind of impact it would have on our everyday lives if these sounds were as loud as in the video. Would we see it as sound polution? Would we use it as a compass? Would a machine tell us directly how long and close we can interact with it (truely) on a healthy lvl? Would we respect it more or interact with them as we do with voices?"




"Dudeeeeee I almost finished listening to the whole thing - I fucking loved it!!!

It sounds so familiar like I have been listening to it all my life (which I have) and it just puts u into really awesome state of mind!"

exerpts of comments and feedback




"Congrats on this work. Its not really my type of music or video to listen/watch/consume but its good." 

Feel free to ask the lovely people below




"Top! Very inspiring!"



"Wow , this is outstanding and terrifying and wonderful!!!

Thank you so much."




"Love the idea of this hidden world! Ill recommend it to my friends!"

"Intense! Loved it"

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