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Mapping Ghent

Artist in residency


Vorruit and Experimental Intermedia in Ghent 

“Space and form are a matter of time and perception“

2 Videos (Train 2 Channels/ Tram 4 Chan.)

The videos could be seen by the QR code.


119 original prints (50 S Train / 69 Tram 4)

(Not all on Display; Even-at the Vorruit and

uneven-numbers at the EI House)


@EI-House: S Train

Sint-Pieters to Dampoort


@Vorruit: Tram 4

Coppinstraat to Vijfwindgatenstraat


Thanks to Maria Blondeel for inspiration!


During my mapping research I became interested in space that was not build because of a purpose. During the period from which most of Ghent’s city core originated houses were built randomly where there was space, this resulted in interesting spaces in between.

I wanted to show the rarely acknowledged. During the process through twists and turns I realized that I could instead show know the commercial places. Through altering the perception through layering structures the beholder is able to see form rather than purpose. In this way the old essence of the city can be reclaimed. You see old walls and their texture again instead of H&M stores and McDonalds.

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