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Tea Filtration

Microscopic Film


Tea filtration is a film made by microscopic images of tea, and their sounds. The film was generated from its score and no video editing was used.


Microscopic images where taken of different teas. These images where then converted into spectrograms through column scanning them in MAX.

These spectrograms (sound samples) are used to create a compositional score, All sounds heard are the result of this very process

Then the score is played and narrow band filters detect the sound for cues which trigger the according video of the teas.

The filters range of the 4 filters cannot be infinitely precise. If all sounds are played they overlap in their frequency-range. Therefore more than one tea will be detected.

In this way a mix is created and it becomes more obvious what it is towards the end. Just as with tea, with too many different things happening at the same time in the mix, the individual ingredient can not be tasted.

This in-differentiation is also created through the effects of video and audio progressing from overlaying to refined clarity.


tea->microscope->image->column scan->spectrogram->composition with sound->filters detect->play according video-> filters sound is added to score creating resonation -> effects of audio and video fade over time from full spectrum of everything to precise tracking.

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